Enjoy the everlasting Gaming Experience with the Best Cocktail Arcade Table

Kids Playing Games at Cocktail Arcade Table

Memories are an important part of our life; some memories remind us about the bitter past, on the other hand, some memories remind us about the joy of the past. Playing Pac Man, Space Invader, and Street Fighter are some of those memories.

Have you ever think about reviving the memories of playing those games again? If yes, then the best thing you can get to fulfill those memories will be the Cocktail Arcade Table.

For video gaming, Arcade Cocktail Table would be a great product in your gaming room. They are pretty expensive but the experience that they give, worth the money.

Selecting a desirable arcade table for your gaming room is a tough task, but you don't have to worry about this because we are here.

We have done broad research in finding the top Cocktail Arcade Machine that will make your gaming experience everlasting.

The top 5 selected Cocktail Arcade Tables are:

  1. The Classic Arcade Full Size Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Table
  2. The Classic Arcade Full-Size Jumbo Cocktail Arcade Machine
  3. The Classic Arcade Full-Size Trackball Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine
  4. The Classic Arcade Full-size 60 Classic Games Arcade Cocktail Table
  5. The Classic Arcade Full-Size Commercial 3-sided Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine

1. The Classic Arcade Full Size Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Table

Full Size Cocktail Arcade Table

Screen Size: 32-inches LCD

Warranty: 3-years warranty

Players Supported: Up to 4 players

Type: Cocktail Table Arcade

The Classic Arcade is the Godfather of Cocktail Arcades MachinesThere is no doubt that The Classic Arcade is one of the best Arcades manufacturers.

So, if you want to impress your friends by inviting them to your place for a video game round, then having a The Classic Arcade will be in the best condition for you. 

Taking about its features this The Classic Arcade is a full-size cocktail. Having a 26-inches LCD screen which can bend up to 60 degrees. The bending feature of the screen makes this arcade machine similar to those of traditional ones. This Cocktail Arcade Table has supported up to twenty buttons and comes with a 3-years warranty.

The Classic Arcade never disappoints its users when it comes to defining quality. One of the most impressive features of this model is that it is supported up to 4500 games which is a huge number. This means you will take a whole year in completing all those games. 

This product overall is a great source of entertainment.


  • Comes with 2 sitting stools
  • Includes Trackball
  • Firm table
  • Moveable LCD screen
  • Having multi-players mode
  • High-quality SANWA Joysticks
  • Thick tempered glass

2. The Classic Arcade Full-Size Jumbo Cocktail Arcade Machine

Screen Size: 32-inches LCD

Warranty: 3-years warranty

Players Supported: Up to 4 players

Type: Cocktail

If you feel bad and want to enjoy the gaming era of the 80s and 90s again, then having The Classic Arcade will be the best fun for you. 

The Classic Arcade are one of the most trustworthy brands in the gaming industry. The reason that The Classic Arcade is the most recommended brand is because of its quality products.

Being a video game lover, you must have heard about The Classic Arcade. So, if you want to choose The Classic Arcade as for your personal use then check out its quality features.

The Classic Arcade is providing up to 3500 games with the 80s and 90s pre-installed games, and the multiplayer mode is great to enjoy it, friends, and family. Having a dimension of 39"L X 22.5"W X 29"H, and easy to the plugin. 

These quality features of The Classic Arcade make it one the best Arcade Cocktail Table for video gaming. This product is a great selection for reviving the 80s and 90s era video games.


  • Includes trackball
  • Supported up to 4 SANWA joysticks
  • Thick tempered glass
  • Includes 2 stools
  • Square glass with lift-up screen

3. The Classic Arcade Full-Size Trackball Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine

2 Player Blackjack Cocktail Arcade Table
Arcade Type: Cocktail Table Arcade
Screen Size: 22 Inch LCD
Game Count: 60 & 412 Classic Games
Trackball: Yes
Joystick Count: 2
Stool Count: 2
Warranty: 3-year parts warranty

    Do you want to feel like a kid again and want to feel the vibes of the 80s and 90s gaming era again? As video game over you must have felt in that way.

    The '80s and 90s video game era was one of the popular eras ever. The passion for video gaming among the people was found to be at the peak. 

    Keeping that passion and craziness of people in mind The Classic Arcade once again has manufactured a most pleasing product. Without any further, discussion, let us talk about its features.

    This product comes with a 19-inches LCD screen, 60 classical games, and pre-installed 80s and 90s games for the crazy video game lovers. 

    It is a multiplayer video game table and allows up to 2 players at the same time. This Cocktail Arcade Table is easy to use, you just need to plug in the machine then enjoy it with your family and friends.

    The provided 2 stools come without any back support which can cause uneasiness for some users. 

    This product is a fabulous voice for those entire video games lover who wants to enjoy the '80s and 90s era again in 2021. 


    • Thick Tempered Glass
    • Highest Quality SANWA Joysticks
    • Includes Trackball
    • Provides good customer services

    4. The Classic Arcade Full-size 60 Classic Games Cocktail Arcade Table

    Type: Cocktail

    Screen Size: 19-inches LCD

    Warranty: 3-years warranty

    Players Supported: Up to 2 players

    From all the Cocktail Arcade Table we have reviewed, this one is our favorite. The graphic quality of this The Classic Arcade is very fine. 

    The very first thing about this Arcade Machine which will attract you towards itself is its Classical looks and deep blue and black color. 

    Along with the looks, the features of this machine are also very attractive. 

    The Classic Arcade always win the heart of its user by its quality product and satisfying customer service.

    This arcade table is supported up for 60 ideal games and pre-installed '80s and 90s video games. With its 19-inches big LCD screen, you can enjoy all of these games with your friends and family.

    The provided pair of stool is pretty comfortable and is of proper height. This machine is supported by two players’ mode at the same time. 

    The quality of this machine is long-lasting and has a 3-years warranty, which means that you don't have to worry if any part cause malfunction because you can easily repair it within the warranty limit.

    This is an outstanding product for all video game lovers. Don't think too much about it, just go and purchase this product and you will never be disappointed by its quality. 


    • 2  Masterpiece SANWA joysticks
    • Thick and tempered glass

    5. The Classic Arcade Full-Size Commercial 3 sided Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine


    Type: Cocktail Table

    Screen Size: 26-inches LCD

    Warranty: 3-years warranty

    Players Supported: Up to 4 players

    We can't even tell you about this product that how amazing it is. From the looks to features to standard systems, everything is beyond perfection. 

    The body of this video game table is supported by 4 players at the same time. The table is of this arcade is of wooden brown color which is a beautiful attractive color.

    The system of this arcade machine is mouthwatering! No, you don't have to eat it but when you will see it your heart will say take it! Take it!

    With the large 20-inches LCD screen, you can enjoy all of 1162 classical video games and pre-installed '80s and 90s games.

    This machine is a combination of an old video games table and modern video games tables. 

    The machine is quite easy to install, no set up is required just plug in and enjoy the gaming experience. 

    This arcade machine guarantees to be a big hit! On every four sides of the table, there is an empty cavity.


    • High durable quality
    • Perfect sound quality
    • Comfortable and high quality 4 SANWA joysticks 

    Things to remember- A Buyer’s Guide

    Before investing in anything you always ensure that the product worth the price? Or is it going to be wastage of money and time? As we have mentioned above that Cocktail Arcade Cabinet is a quite expensive product. There are a few things that you should keep in mind while selecting the desired product. 

    Here in our buyer’s guide, we are going to discuss some of the hard and cold things that you should consider when choosing the Cocktail Video Game Table for your gaming room. 

    1.  Budget

    The first and most important thing is the budget. In the market, you can find various brands providing numerous features with classic looks. Every product will seem to be the best but they will cost dollars, hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars. 

    Always select the item that fits within your budget, do not put a burden on your budget. 

    2.  Gaming Option

    When selecting the gaming table you should check the gaming range. Various brands are providing different gaming range in the arcade table. Some brands give 400+ games range while on the other hand; some brands have 3000+ games range. 

    Another thing to be noticed is either the arcade table is consists of a single-player mode or multiplayer mode. Some arcade table is of a single-player mode. Those which have multi-player mode also have the option of either four-player at a time or only two-player. 

    The best option will be the multi-player consists of four-players at a time. By having this arcade table you can compete with your friends at the same time.

    3.  Size

    The size of the arcade machine also matters. Usually, arcade machines are huge and occupy a lot of space. The first thing you have to do is that measure the area of the room where you want to put the machine. By doing this thing, it will be easier to figure out which size of the machine you require.

    If you have a small space then a tabletop will be a good option for you because they are light in weight, occupy less space, and are portable, however, they are that efficient in performance.

    After figuring out the machine size now you have to check the screen size. The more the screen size more will be fun. Some machines have an HDMI option that you can also connect them to your TV screen for a better experience.

    4.  Warranty

    Cocktail Arcade Table is a big machine. While purchasing, you should check the warranty on the machine. Usually, an arcade table comes with more than 2 years warranty.

    As we mentioned before that an arcade table is a big and heavy machine. No matter how good the quality is, at some point, you just need to maintain it. In these cases, a warranty is a good option.

    The better option is to have a more than 3-years warranty arcade machine. The brands which provide warranty and good customer service are more trustworthy and sell more than those brands which don't.  

    5.  Quality

    Don't spend your thousand dollars on the Cocktail Arcade Table which only has good looks. There are still some arcade machines present in the market that cost thousands of the dollars but are low in quality. You never want to waste your money on such a low-quality product right?

    Check the durability of the product before purchasing it. A high-quality arcade machine can run all day without causing heat issues. 

    6.  Customer Reviews

    Other user reviews also help in selecting the product. You can find reviews of the arcade machine on various websites. By reading those customer reviews can help you to select the item in accordance with your taste. The pros and cons table also helps in judging the product quality. 

    Now let’s wrap up

    Arcade machine is a big investment. While selecting the product you have to act smart. Notice each and every single detail of the product.

    Dimension, Size, Gaming options, Looks, Weight, Type, and Warranty everything matters when it comes to picking the item.

    Read our chosen arcade machine and buyer guide carefully. We really hope that it will help you to select the machine.

    Lastly, the final decision will be yours, follow your heart and budget.

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