Classic Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet Machine with 60 Games
Classic Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet Machine with 60 Games
donkey kong arcade machine
Classic Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet Machine with 412 Games - The Classic Arcades
Classic Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet Machine with 412 Games - The Classic Arcades
Classic Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet Machine with 412 Games - The Classic Arcades
2 Player Stand-Up Classic Arcade Cabinet dimensions
2 Player Stand-Up Classic Arcade Cabinet control panel, joysticks
2 Player Stand-Up Classic Arcade Cabinet 2 Tall Stools
$2,949.00 You Save: $350


Classic Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet Machine with 60 Games

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Classic Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet Machine | FULL-SIZE | 2 Players | 22″ Screen | 60 Games with Trackball

In case you need to know about some facts about one of the most famous game ever named donkey king arcade machine then you have landed yourself on the right place. In this article we are going to let you know all about it so just read this piece of information till the end to find out what hidden facts are there that you need to know if you are into gaming.

People want entertainment once in a while. It is really important to amuse oneself in one way or another when it comes to spending a busy life while doing day to day chores or remain busy in studies. Everyone has their own certain routine, some like to read books, some watch movies, and some like to play games. Whatsoever the tools of entertainment you all have, they all are important and has a huge impact on our lives.

All those people who are into gaming would probably know about donkey king arcade machine as this is one of the most popular games of all times. Known as an action game, it was introduced in the year 1981 by Nintendo. The game broke many recorded when initially it came into surface in North America and proved itself to be a massive success for the company. 

The time when the game was being introduced the original Donkey Kong machine had a very simple idea. Here users played as a Jumpman and in every level you are supposed to save Pauline, a pink-clad female character, from the huge ape named as Donkey Kong. 

In donkey kong arcade machine, with the help of well-timed jumps and expertise of ladder-climbing, players directed an extensive series of levels by means of hammer power-ups to finish objects and gathering bonus items on their way for the sake of gaining extra points. You will find many sources when it comes to looking for a donkey kong arcade machine for sale online or in market.

Donkey Kong arcade cabinet has been constantly praised for being one of the most challenging games of its time. Because of a bug in programming, the game has no official ending. The timer on the 22nd level is really short for the level to be finished completely, so when time is about to end, the display and the game end, adding to Donkey Kong’s unusual charm. 

Although there are many arcade games being introduced with the passage of time but the popularity and fame that comes along donkey kong cabinet cannot be beaten. As this game comes along with a full 12 month warranty on all electronics, you can find some variety in the color of the cabinet such as yellow, white, black and others. Choose the one that you like the most according to your taste and preference. 

Characters in Donkey Kong

The game consists of a number of characters that include animals, humans, kremlings and some other antagonists. They include Donkey King, Donkey King Jr, Cranky Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Funky Kong, Candy Kong, Wrinkly Kong, Swanky Kong, Kiddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong, Lanky Kong, Mario, Pauline, Stanley, King K. Rool, Krusha, Klump, Kritter, Klaptrap, Tiki Tak Tribe, Snowmads, and Evil Kings. 

Some Facts about Donkey Kong Arcade Machine

Here are a few facts that most of the people would not probably know about this game. If you are a true newbie then you probably know about all of this, but in case you are new in the world of gaming then read these following points to get to know about some facts that are associated with this game. 

  • Donkey Kong arcade machine was the very first game to states a story through cut scenes. This is something that all the games do these days. 
  • In the 1994, Donkey Kong Country became one of the bestselling Nintendo games that didn’t bundle with the console. 
  • When Donkey Kong is left alone for a while in the Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D he’ll break out a device that is more like DS and begin playing a game that uses the unique Donkey Kong sound effects. 
  • The character Mario is actually Donkey Kong’s abusive owner and is the real villain of the game series. 
  • In Donkey Kong Jr. Mario is keeping Donkey Kong trapped. Donkey Kong 64 has the world record for the most in-game collectibles of any game these days with a total number of 3821. 
  • There are 35 dissimilar versions of donkey Kong arcade machine, and some of them are the collaboration of many other characters. 

Donkey Kong Squeals

This game got really popular that many parts were being introduced with the passage of time. The latest part came into surface in the year 2018. Some of the parts of the original game are Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Land series, Donkey Kong 64, and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. All of these got popular and there were a huge lot of people of all ages who loved to play these games. After all these years, there are still people who like to play them whenever they get some chance or have free time. 

Why Kids Love Donkey Kong

The time when this game into surface there were so many kids who love this game because the graphics were really appealing. Although there were many others arcade games at that time when it was being introduced initially but the perks that we belong with this game cannot be beaten by any other. Apart from the visual features and illustrations, donkey kong arcade machine had an incredible sound effect that attracted a huge amount of audience. 


Without any doubt we can say that this game was and still considered to be a really good action sort of game that millions of users love to play. We hope that the above article would be sufficient for you in getting to know about the perks that belong with this game. If you have never try this game before then we hope that you would now love to play it at least for once. In case you have played it before then you can relish your childhood memories once again and play it again. 


  • Arcade Type: Cabinet
  • Players: 2
  • Game Count: 60-412
  • Trackball: Yes
  • Joystick Count: 2
  • Stools: 2
  • Warranty: 3-year parts warranty
  • Overall Size: 26.25"W x 29.25"D x 68.25"H

Games Included

  1. 1943 Kai
  2.  Amidar
  3.  Arkanoid
  4.  Bomb Jack
  5.  Burger Time
  6.  Centipede
  7.  Congo Bongo
  8.  Crush Roller
  9.  Dig Dug
  10.  Dig Dug 2
  11.  Donkey Kong
  12.  Donkey Kong 3
  13.  Donkey Kong Junior
  14.  Frogger
  15.  Galaga
  16.  Galaga 2
  17.  Galaga 3
  18.  Galaxian
  19.  Gun.Smoke
  20.  Gyruss
  21.  Hustler
  22.  Jr. Pacman
  23.  Jr. Pacman 2
  24.  Jumping Jack
  25.  Juno First
  26.  King & Balloon
  27.  Ladybug
  28.  Mappy
  29.  Millipede
  30.  Moon Cresta
  31.  Mr. Do
  32.  Mr. Do’s Castle
  33.  Ms. Pacman
  34.  Ms. Pacman 2
  35.  New Rally X
  36.  Pacman
  37.  Pacman 2
  38.  Pacman Plus
  39.  Pacman Plus 2
  40.  Pengo
  41.  Phoenix
  42.  Pinball Action
  43.  Pleiads
  44.  Pooyan
  45.  Qix
  46.  Scramble
  47.  Shao-Lin’s Road
  48.  Space Invaders
  49.  Space Panic
  50.  Super Breakout
  51.  Super Cobra
  52.  Super Pacman
  53.  Tank Batallion
  54.  The End
  55.  Time Pilot
  56.  Van-Van Car
  57.  Xevious
  58.  Zaxxon