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Stand up arcade cabinet machines from 2 player to 4 player, 60, 412, 1160, 3500 to 4500 games, and more. From full-size stand up arcade games to slim arcade cabinets we have an arcade that's just right for you and your space.

Top Stand Up Arcade Game Machines - Stand up Arcade Games for Sale

Are you really prepared for the best in arcade game machines? There is a huge variety of upright arcades or stand up arcade game machines  for sale such as the Xtension arcade stands, flip screen cabinet arcade machines, and a lot more that you cannot even imagine. There is this extensive range of upright arcades video game emulators that are offered for your convenience so you could play preferred multiple arcade machine emulator and relieve video games by using a normal USB port.

Just pick any of the Xtension cabinets as per your choice, a machine controller, along with a monitor. There is a huge variety out there when it comes to upright arcade cabinets for sale for all of us. These upright cabinet arcade machines give plug and play operations for PS4, Xbox, Raspberry Pi, PC, Mac, and other kinds of gaming consoles. There is no need to purchase single upright game cabinet machine that is supporting one game or a small number of your favorite games as there is a freedom for you to play any game either by downloading or streaming.

No need to get stuck to only one arcade video game, because you have a choice to play dozens of games. There are almost all things that you need to make a customized, unique, upright arcade machine to place in the inner setting or office. These arcades and game controllers manufactured according to the standards, multipurpose, and made to last-long. Just buy now to grab the popular arcade games and cabinet or look for yourself. First, select the suitable upright arcade cabinet and then purchase one. There are numerous arcade classic machines for game lovers.

Following are some of the major types of upright video game machines:

Types of Upright Arcade Game Machine:


Get familiarity with a blast from the past with our world famous, genuine, Arcade Classics Vertical Upright Arcade Machine. Your preferred classic arcade games are now enthusiastically available for play! It has altered state-of-the-art electronics to play exactly like the new classic arcade games of the ’80s. This Upright Arcade Machine gives real sounds, illustrations and action enrapturing you back in time, just like you remember it from your native arcade. This is one of our most prevalent arcade machines for sale since it offers you the capability to play all your favorite arcade games on ONE machine.

These cabinets are top arcade games (via a Vertical Jamma PCB Arcade Game Board) with most of the standard games from the era of '80s. Our Arcade Classics Vertical stand up Arcade Machine comes along with amazing arcade classic artwork. It also provides a Three Year Warranty as well as free shipping to most of the areas! This arcade game machine is one of the best one. For over 38 years, Arcade Classics has been a front runner in the classic arcade game device industry, because of the foremost classic arcade machines, faultless customer service and qualified staff that were involved in the creation of it.


Arcade Legends 2 (Pre-Played)

One of the top arcade games here is this that has custom menu categories game titles by name, creator and favorites, letting the user rapidly direct the 125 titles. Underlined games are shown and the user is given a short-lived tutorial once a game is chosen. Arcade Legends uses real arcade controls, such as one trackball, two joysticks and fifteen buttons. Just take it to the next level and upgrade from 125 titles to 145 titles with the Arcade Legends 2 Game Pack. You can just alter the genuine SD card with the new Game Pack SD card. Coin-door has been lastingly disabled; Arcade Legends 2 is for domestic usage only. Its marketable usage is banned. What else one could ask for as this one has 125 games in it.


This series carries accustomed games and casual competition to coin-op. The purpose of this game is really simple; just utilize the trackball to lob one thing onto or in another thing. It's an amicable idea that charms players and gets them busy instantly. And once they begin, the exciting action and gratifying fun keep them coming back for more! Here bags are a video form of the nation's hottest hatchback and bar game feeling, and has been relishing great success since the year 2007.

Bags takes a new turn on the classic game, that has a latest scoring plan that also rewards players for making a "posh" as an alternative of a standard "hole shot". A huge range of play selections, a mass of local leader-boards and clever aspects such as "Call Your Shot" make Bags best for every site. Proscribed in North America for over 20 years, Lawn Darts makes a theatrical return in coin-op form. Now everyone can once again appreciate the guilt-free inclination of stirring big metal spikes into the air. Lawn Darts offers four out of the ordinary and enticing games to pick from: These are Classic Lawn Darts, Poker Darts, Cricket and 501.

Check out many other popular arcade games now. Lawn Darts also familiarizes Raw Talk™, bringing unrestricted, adult commentary into the game that is guaranteed to charm the noisy bar crowd. You've never heard anything like it before in your life! With all Target Toss games, here participant rewards thrive, such as tons of native high score leader boards and player marks shown right on the tosser's shirt. Another amazing perk to Target Toss is that players, sites and machinists all have the power to promptly set up their own four, eight, and sixteen-man contests. Indigenous competitions, events and even unions have sprung up all over the state!

Silver Strike X 27" LCD Upright

Silver Strike X is known as the offline version of the famous Silver Strike LIVE. Silver Strike X gives players all the enjoyment of its online equivalent, and is the popular arcade game to present players who need all the fun but don’t care about lifespan stats or accomplishments. Players can choose all of the bowling aspects in Silver Strike LIVE without stealing a card. With the entire game player can pick from a range of flashy bowling balls apparel choices to charm their game experience. And the latest select-able game aspect, Flash Bowling, includes the range and contest. It has Classic Bowling and Flash Bowling play choices, Customizable bowler and bowling kits with every game, Vegas mode for extra side games.


Pac-Man Battle Royale is the initial four player viable Pac-Man arcade game machines. The genuine Pac-Man game idea has been given a cannibalistic turn: Eradicate your enemies by eating them and the last Pac-Man standing wins the round. The time when the players eat a power pellet increases the power by swelling in size and growing in speed. Once motorized, they are now capable of eating non powered-up blue players and glimmers.

Players of the similar size easily jump off each other. Here players can also be eradicated by running into ghosts in case there aren't any mechanical up players. Eating a piece of berry or all of the pellets rearranges the labyrinth with a latest and fresh set of power pellets. The game is easy, economical, and extremely addictive. The deluxe cabinet's shining lights and huge viewing monitor make this the seamless linchpin for any setting.


In Silver Strike Bowler's Club, this arcade game has been online for years. Online version of  Silver Strike LIVE takes this module to the succeeding stage. The same situation is with SSBC (Super Smash Bros. Crusade), players actually still have the capability to trace their statistics and other details. Although, Silver Strike has the capacity for the players to contest against each other in LIVE contests! Apart from the accumulation of prize on playing games, Silver Strike LIVE gives all players a chance for modifying their kit and bowler. Inclusion of the whole diverse game mode, Spare Challenge, that truly test player's aptitude to grab up complicated standbys.


PowerPutt Golf is the offline version of PowerPutt LIVE. PowerPutt Golf gives players all the excitement and opposition as its online equivalent, like all 11 striking 18-hole mini-golf courses. Except that, players can choose from a range of clothing items in every round, and pick from a range of game selections such as Poker Putt. Modifiable trouble settings allow you to set the game for any audience.

Street Fighter Arcade (pre-played)

In it two men face off against one another in military arts matches apprehended on streets in five diverse states. The winner of two out of three rounds goes on to the next level. Bonus levels allow the player to gain more points. It has Capcom’s initial one-on-one fighting game and the genuine six-buttons-per-player fighting title. There are also hidden special moves allowed the player, who could utilize either Ryu (player 1) or Ken (player 2), to toss Hadou-Ken, implement Tatsumaki Senpuu-Kyaku and Shoryuu-Ken. The players could also achieve the usual moves that comprise jumping, standing and bending along with strong, average and weak blows and thrills.

Tempest (pre-played) Arcade

All pre-played record is certain to be in 100% working condition. Here cabinet grace and color may differ. You control a yellow crab-shaped firearm that trips along the outside edge of a 3-dimensional tunnel, shelling enemies down the backstreets of the tunnel although dodging any coming down the backstreets. The tunnel takes on numerous dissimilar forms, and the firearm has a special "superzapper" that allows it to kill all opponents offer in the tunnel.

Virtua Cop (pre-played) Arcade

This game is really fun. Here you are supposed to kill the bad guys, protect the innocent. There is a chief at the end of all stages that must be beaten before you can move towards another level. Any of the three levels can be chosen from the very opening. You can get extra points in case you shoot the target's firearm out of his hand, thrifty his life ("Justice Shots").

Golden Tee Complete (Pre-Played)

Here all 27 award winning 18-hole Golden Tee Fore! Developments are accessible at the touch of a button! You can enjoy these 29 Golden Tee Courses in one machine! (27 fixed courses + 2 Bonus courses) Prolonged Tee & Pin Placements, New & Enhanced Commentary, Awesome New Sounds Effects! All utilized games are definite to be in 100% working condition. Cabinet style and color may differ and most probably you would be able to find the popular arcade games according to your choice and preference.

Big Buck Hunter Call of the Wild Arcade (Pre-Played)

All utilized inventory is certain to be in 100% operational situation. There are different cabinet style and color according to the choice of users. Here 2 new regions are being introduced. You can easily pick your own trip order the time as you go on a voyage as via the region. Apart from that there is a new bonus mode for you to go for. Just go for it and try your expertise with an Exclusive Bonus Round Series. You can buy upright arcade games for sale from many sites. Here you can hunt in the snow and rain. Doesn’t it all sound amazing to you?


Sometime back in the old days of arcades and bars that also had arcade games machines in them, people were like, Hey what in case we could set our drinks on an arcade machine and play exactly at the same time? And so, the enchanted cocktail arcade machine came into surface. This certain element from Prime Arcades contains 1,162 classic games (412 vertical and 750 horizontal) such as Galaga, Street Fighter II Turbo, and many other amazing ones. Just ensure that you’re getting the most out of your brand-new freedom from the oppression of standing, it even contains the chrome chairs.

Bubble Bobble Micro Player

Now we're getting into the monarchy of transportable arcade games machines with Bubble Bobble Micro Player. It has a small 2.75-inch screen with an identical duo of itty-bitty arcade controls. This arcade machine will fit without any effort into the palm of your hand, so you can keep it into a bag and it makes for an amazing tabletop ornament as well.