About Us

THE CLASSIC ARCADES, LLC. Was formed by Mr. Faisal in 2018. Mr. Faisal decided to open an all new type of game room business. And when asked, Faisal explained it like this.

Because of giant companies like Amazon, people are less inclined to visit and purchase from a website that is focused on flooding their website with so many unrelated products and industries that it ends up becoming a giant online flea market, thus, lacking the ability to provide customers with telephone support and the correct knowledge when needed.

Even back during the early 2,000’s and all through the current year, 2020, I am amazed at all the game room related companies have not caught up with the times yet, or should I say, they seem to be stuck in the stone age. But, let me be clear, I am not trying to seem insulting or disrespectful in anyway, however, when I look at some of these companies and the way the describe their products, and their online shopping carts, I myself would think twice about spending my hard earned money with them. What I mean is, when you visit their website, they are still selling the very same arcade games, pinball machines, and jukeboxes that they were selling 15 and 20 years ago, when someone paid $2,900 for an arcade game, you received a game machine with only Pac-man, or Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, or if you were lucky 2 or 3 games in one cabinet. Also, many of them are using age-old shopping-cart platforms that are unsecure, unlike like ours! 

Let’s face it, were are living in a new era where people are smart enough to know what they want, and what they want is a product that gives them MORE SATISFACTION and MORE FOR THE MONEY, am I right? Additionally, they are still advertising many arcade games, racing game machines, pinball machines that are no longer made. So, how could someone possibly take a chance on a company like that. Also, I am surprised that so many of them are even able to accept credit cards without their credit card processors shutting down their merchant accounts. Again, I do not wish to seem at all insulting, but please BUYER BEWARE!

When I decided to get back into the game room business, I absolutely knew I needed to be different than the rest, likewise, while everyone else is still thinking inside the box, and for the few thinking outside the box, I knew I had to think BEYOND THE BOX,  therefore, our company and website has manifested itself into what you see today, high-end game room related products that have definitely brought the game room, and the amusement industry into, or should I say, brought it " THE CLASSIC ARCADES!”


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